Increased power, reduced wear, reduced emissions, improve fuel economy. Find out how we can improve your vehicle.

ADERCO 5000 is designed to treat both petrol and diesel engined vehicles. One litre treats 5,000 litres of fuel. Simply add it to your fuel tank or yard tanks before filling with fuel.

ADERCO’s patented surfactant technology has been proven to create a finer mist of fuel at the injectors. This means that there is an improved fuel/air mix and as a result better combustion. This gives more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

ADERCO has a powerful detergent effect, which cleans your engine, removing carbon deposits and the residues that build up over time on the cylinders and pistons. Filters stay cleaner for longer too.

As a result, engines treated with ADERCO have less wear, require less servicing and spare parts, and are more reliable.

ADERCO is 100% organic. It contains no metals or ash and leaves no residues. Its high flash point of over 150°C means that, unlike many of its solvent-based competitors, it does not evaporate in warm conditions.

ADERCO is classified as non-hazardous meaning it does not require any special facilities for tranport or storage.


ford_fiesta_1An independent trial conducted by the Royal Military School of Belgium concluded that ADERCO:

  • reduces deposits on the injectors
  • improves injection & combustion
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • reduces emissions
  • cleans pistons

Other tests have shown significant reductions in particulate matter, particularly in diesel engined vehicles.