Press release

Fuel specialists Eco Fuel Plus are helping to reduce NHS Lothian’s carbon footprint by supplying them with a 100% organic fuel additive called ADERCO.

ADERCO fuel additive was initially trialled in three of NHS Lothian’s vehicles. The trial, which lasted for four months, reduced the carbon footprint in each case. Reliability was noticeably better in one of the vehicles; whilst in the other two, fuel economy was up by 4% and 10%, respectively.

NHS Lothian expressed an interest in the product following a presentation at the NHS National Performance Advisory Group. As a result of the successful trial, Eco Fuel Plus is now supplying them so that they can treat more of their vehicles.

ADERCO is 100% organic and contains no harmful solvents or metals. It works by breaking down the impurities that occur even in good quality diesel and petrol and has been scientifically proven to clean the engine and improve the combustion process.

Before starting the trial, fuel consumption was measured for approximately 100 days to establish baseline figures for each of the vehicles. The drivers then added ADERCO to their vehicles’ fuel tanks for the next six to ten fills.

ADERCO is extremely concentrated – only 10 millilitres are required for 50 litres of fuel – so a small bottle of the additive was easily carried in each vehicle. The improvements were measured by comparing the amount of fuel used during this period with the baseline predictions. Vehicle reliability and drivers’ comments were also taken into consideration.

One of the vehicles had previously broken down on several occasions due to a blocked diesel particulate filter. Since using ADERCO fuel additive, no further blockages have been experienced. The driver of another vehicle commented that it ran more smoothly.