Marine & yachting

Marine & yachting - Aderco 5000 ideal for stabilising fuel

The first ADERCO additives were designed for the gruelling shipping industry. ADERCO heavy fuel (HFO) additives are tried and trusted literally across the whole globe by the world’s largest shipping operations.

For coastal and inland operations using diesel and marine gasoil (MGO), ADERCO 5000 is ideal for stabilising fuel. Its high concentration of 1L per 5,000L of fuel, and the fact that it is classified as non-hazardous, means that storage requirements and costs are minimal.

ADERCO is 100% organic, contains no metal or ash, and is self-dispersing, meaning no specialist mixing equipment is required.

Worried about engine wear? ADERCO has the answer.

Bacteria or Algae Contamination? ADERCO has the answer.

ADERCO B5500 is a powerful combination of fuel additive and biocide – offering all the advantages described plus a curative (1L per 500L of fuel) and preventative (1L per 5,000L) action against algae and bacteria formation.

Ultra Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil? Worried about engine wear? ADERCO has the answer.

ADERCO L 1050 has been specifically designed and independently proven to restore lubricity values to those recommended by the Engine Manufacturers’ Association.