Heating oil


ADERCO removes sludge from fuel tanks, releasing valuable fuel and preventing blockages and corrosion.

ADERCO completely separates any water contamination, meaning it can be harmlessly run-off from the tank.

ADERCO improves combustion, giving a better burn with reduced fuel consumption.

ADERCO destroys impurities in fuel, meaning fewer breakdowns and less maintenance.

ADERCO stabilises fuel and prevents oxidisation – key sources of fuel-related failures.

Systems treated with ADERCO produce less smoke and particulate matter, thanks to a better burn.

Peace of mind and less maintence from less than a penny per litre. Order ADERCO online here.

Q: I have just taken a delivery of heating oil – can I still use ADERCO?

A: YES. Although we recommend putting the ADERCO into your tank before the delivery arrives, It is not strictly speaking necessary. ADERCO 5000 is self-dispersing and will mix itself throughout your fuel overtime. Putting it in the tank before the delivery merely speeds up the process.


Q: My last fuel delivery contained a different additive which didn’t cure my problem, does my tank need to be completely clean of additives prior to using ADERCO?

A: It is impossible for us to predict with absolute certainty the effect of a third party product mixing with ADERCO – however the fuel specialists within ADERCO do say that given the sorts of dilutions involved (1 litre of ADERCO for 5000 litres of fuel) it is unlikely to have any effect. Additionally ADERCO is a surfactant whereas most other additives are combustion catalysts so they generally do different jobs and wouldn’t affect each other. Anecdotally I am aware of many customers who have mixed ADERCO with fuel that already contains a different additive, none of these customers has ever reported any sort of problem as a result of this.

Q: Do you supply in larger containers

A: Yes we can supply in 20 litre pails or 50 litre drums. Please contact us (see right hand side of the screen) for more details of bulk pricing and reseller opportunities.