During combustion


During the combustion phase ADERCO improves combustion. This is achieved because the fuel separates better giving a finer fuel spray from the injector this means you get more power and better fuel economy. Independent studies have proven that ADERCO creates a finer mist of fuel, making combustion more complete: unburnt fuel is wasted fuel!

It is worth mentioning that Aderco effect is purely physical – basically it helps fuel work better as fuel, it does not affect the chemistry at work and is not some sort of reaction altering combustion catalyst. This is important because your engine is setup to work in a specific way with ordinary fuel – Aderco just lets the fuel work as designed.

ADERCO will also clean your engine. Its powerful, 100% organic detergent removes the damaging deposits that build up over time. These deposits cause engine wear. Regular use of ADERCO can reduce engine wear and further improve economy and performance. Less engine wear means greater reliability and lower maintenance costs too!

Did you know that however good your fuel, there are always contaminants present? These contaminant particles are often too large to be burnt fully during combustion, and they then contaminate your oil, reducing its lifespan and effectiveness. ADERCO’s surfactant properties break down these contaminants, making them small enough to be burnt harmlessly. As a result, engine oil works better and lasts longer. Another saving from ADERCO.