AGA problems and Range cookers

AGA problems & Range Cookers - Aderco solves fuel problems

Aderco 5000 is a fuel treatment which significantly reduces – and in many cases completely eradicates – the well known carbon clogging problems with domestic heating fuel and oil fired range cookers. Common symptoms of the problem are a loss of temperature, popping and spluttering sounds in combustion, a yellow flame and possibly a dirty sight glass. Ultimately the Aga or range cooker will completely extinguish itself. Don’t worry there is no problem with your equipment – just the way in which modern fuels are designed.

The problem for Range Cookers and AGA problems

In 2008 the EU changed the standard for heating fuel – essentially they reduced the amount of sulphur in the fuel. The aggressive processes the fuel is subjected to in removing the sulphur makes it more difficult for the fuel to atomise completely at the wick, hence the noises yellow flame, this has the unfortunate effect of dramatically increasing the build-up of carbon in Aga, Rayburn or oil fired boilers. The result is that the fuel supply pipe becomes clogged and eventually the Aga or range cooker can even go out because it is starved of fuel.

ADERCO 5000 fuel treatment is specifically designed to tackle the issue of poor lubricity and carbon build-ups associated with low sulphur fuels. ADERCO is the low cost solution to this problem. Just half a litre of ADERCO added to each heating fuel delivery (half a litre treats 2500 litres of fuel) will prevent the unusual build-up of carbon associated with this new standard of fuel. ADERCO 5000 is the perfect partner to solve so many of these common fuel problems.

Problem SOLVED.

Prices start from less than one penny per litre treated – a small price to pay for peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs.

With rising costs of kerosene (heating oil) many Eco Fuel Plus customers use internet based procurement services such as Boiler Juice who pool orders to get the best prices for oil. Unfortunately this also means that they are never guaranteed the same supplier and it seems that batches of fuel from different sources can vary dramatically. Aderco can help stabilise the fuel and – by improving combustion at the wick – reduce the carbon build-ups associated with low sulphur fuel and the related problems. Indeed, many Aderco customers say that their reduced servicing costs far outweigh the costs of the treatment. Some say that before the treatment they would call an engineer every 6 weeks or less and now they need only see an engineer annually – to check all is ok.

We do supply a number of UK oil distributors with Aderco and they pre-mix with their fuel, however for most people Aderco can simply be mixed to their existing fuel tank. It is simplest to add during a new fuel delivery, that way it mixes faster, but it can be added at any time as it is self-dispersing (in a large tank full dispersal can take over a week though). We recommend adding a double dose for the first application as initially the product tends to have more to do. Aderco 5000 does much more than simply solve the problems relating to carbon build up, it will also clean the entire fuel system – even breaking down the sludge in the bottom of the fuel tank – releasing trapped fuel.

AGA & Range Cookers - Aderco solves fuel problemsImprove Aga Performance.

Aderco 5000 is basically a detergent for oil, it helps the fuel molecules separate from each other – this makes atomisation at the wick so much better.

Aderco 5000 does not change the nature of the combustion at all – it just helps the fuel work better as a fuel. Generally speaking, after the first treatment has gone through, you should find that the cooker needs servicing (cleaning) far less often. Some customers have reported changing from the need for a 3 monthly or sometimes more frequent service schedule, to an annual one or even longer.

I really recommend looking at our customer comments to get some feedback from other users experiences with this product. Alternatively read the comments of the Allerton villages oil buying syndicate and their experiences with Aderco.