Shropshire Company Saves AGAs

A Brussels directive, aimed at reducing Greenhouse gases, is starving the regions cast-iron cookers of fuel and making them too expensive to run, according to some owners.

The measure requires the oil used in Agas to have a lower sulphur content, reducing the efficiency of the stoves, used by thousands of Britons to cook and to heat their homes, causing them to go out or burn inefficiently.

Local Bridgnorth based company Eco Fuel Plus has come to the rescue as the sole distributor of ‘Aderco 5000’ an organic additive which cleans the inside of the burner, creating a leaner burn, and saving fuel at the same time, Director Nigel Hoar comments “My friends have an AGA and we were discussing this problem last year, and looking into the problem I discovered this product in Europe, where it has helped thousands of cooks save money on oil, as well as commercial businesses create leaner burning engines for their vehicles, including tractors, cars, and even boats” Nigel adds “We are now sole distributor in the UK for this product, and since we launched it a few months ago the response has been amazing, with orders coming in daily on our website from all over the UK”.

Local hotelier Henry Phillips of the Hundred House Hotel in Norton was one such consumer who stumbled across Aderco’s product “We rely on our much loved Aga in our house which is on all day for heating and cooking, as well as oil heaters for the Hotel which cost us a great deal in oil” comments Henry “researching how to save money, I had heard about this product and following research on the internet, I was amazed to discover the company was just down the road in Bridgnorth, so i contacted them, and now we are reaping the benefits, saving money, and as I understand, the environment too.”

Aga’s were introduced to Britain from Sweden in 1929 and have become a much loved essential, particularly in country house kitchens, and increasingly cities, and with the factory based in Ironbridge, there is a very high proportion of them in the region, loved by many loyal gastronomes who will do anything to ensure the enjoy a long and happy life.

Savings. Nigel ads “With heating oil prices more than doubling in recent months, the added benefit of our product is that by creating a more efficient burn, customers can also save money on oil bills”. For more information visit

Press: For more information about Aderco call Director of Eco Fuel Plus Nigel Hoar – using the contact form at the side of the screen.