Fuel saving tips

Fuel saving tips

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ADERCO has many advantages for engines, however if your primary goal is saving fuel in your car there are a number of simple steps you can take in addition to using the ADERCO.



Fuel saving tips

1. Reduce weight – carrying around masses of heavy junk in your boot will impair your fuel efficiency.

2. Reduce drag – Remove roofboxes and roof-racks when not in use. Avoid opening your windows when at speed – its actually considered more fuel efficient to use the air conditioniing on a motorway at speed rather than opening a sunroof or window. Open windows impair the airflow and create drag.

3. Slow down – possibly the biggest one here – travelling at high speed creates massive drag and friction – try to stay under 70 for optimum efficiency.

4. Tyre pressure – monitor your tyres and keep them inflated to the correct pressure.

5. On hot days aim to park in the shade – this helps prevent fuel evaporation, also make sure the fuel filler cap is tight after topping up.

6. On the motorway try and stay in the same lane.

7. Use ADERCO to both clean the engine and improve combustion – Plus In addition to fuel cost savings consider the cost benefits of less oil and filter contamination and also reduced corrosion in the exhaust.


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