Carbon footprint


ADERCO is not a miracle cure. It simply does what we would expect of a detergent/surfactant. The clever part is that it does this in fuel rather than water.

Direct Impact

Fuel economy improves once an engine is treated with ADERCO, not by a massive degree but generally by between 3 and 8 percent, much depends on the individual engine concerned. As more of the fuel is burned, there is less unburned fuel in the exhaust gasses and this makes a significant impact on emaissions – with smoke and diesel particulates significantly reduced – there is also an improvement in petrol engines.

Indirect Impact

reduce_carbon_footprintBecause ADERCO cleans the engine and reduces engine wear, the maintenance and spare parts are also reduced; as is downtime from breakdowns – all of which cost money. But more than that, emergency repairs, spare parts, maintenance, all make high demands on the environment (transport, packaging, waste). By improving reliability and reducing maintenance, ADERCO can reduce your carbon footprint.

Last year, 20 million tonnes (that’s 20, 000, 000, 000 litres) of fuel were entrusted to ADERCO treatment.

ADERCO: the responsible choice for efficiency, economy and the environment.