Aga Yellow Flame – Low Sulphur Fuel (LSF) Symptoms


Low Sulphur Fuel (LSF) Symptoms of the problems experienced by AGA Rayburn Esse or Stanley Oven owners.

There are a number of symptoms that your AGA / RAYBURN / ESSE or STANLEY is suffering from the effects of LSF (Aga Yellow Flame)
You may well have never before had a problem with your appliance and always obtained your fuel (heating oil / kerosene) from the same supplier, and you can suddenly become afflicted by this problem which is affecting households across the UK. Initially you may see a yellow flame in your Aga sight glass or possibly notice the temperature begin to drop slightly. You can smell fuel in the kitchen or around your appliance. Over time these symptoms become more exaggerated and you may hear a spluttering or popping sound from your oven. Finally your AGA or oven will go out completely and inside where the fuel pipe feeds the wicks it will become blackened or sometimes you see a reddish deposit. Both of these are the results of partially burned fuel leaving  behind a carbon deposit, over time this builds up and you will need to have your oven serviced.
Symptoms of LSF (Aga Yellow Flame) problem

  • Yellow flame (sometimes called Aga Yellow Flame problem)
  • Lower Aga temperature
  • Spitting and popping noises
  • Fuel smell near the appliance
  • Black or reddish carbon deposits inside your AGA

If you notice these tell-tale signs of the low sulphur fuel problem, adding Aderco 5000 to your fuel delivery will significantly improve the operation of your Aga. Get things running as they should – once again. Your Aga / Rayburn will operate like new just the way it was always intended.
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